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Voice Recital

Concert on October 20, 2020

Sociedad Filarmónica de La Coruña

Maite Alberola Bañuls: Amparo

Clara Jelihovschi Panas: Ana

Gabriel Alonso Díaz: Chinto and Presidente

Juan Carlos Cornelles, piano

Production: Antonio Cid & RTV Galicia


Prologue: "Cuántos colores" (Chinto)

In the first big aria of the opera, Chinto, a young street seller, expresses his desperate love, singing

towards the sea...


Act I, Scene 1: "Vi esta mañana" (Ana and Amparo)

Ana noticed her friend Amparo's love for an upper-class official, and warns her that this dream is impossible...


Act I, Scene 2: "Soñaba ilusionada" (Amparo) and "Acércate jovenzuela" (Chinto)

Amparo's exciting speech in front of the Northern League , in which she exposes her revolutionary dreams. The impressed President of the Red Circle names her Tribuna del Pueblo (People's Tribune).


Act II, Scene 2: "A cada pitillo" (Amparo and Ana)

Amparo tells her friend Ana her idealistic dreams about a future matrimony with Baltasar, and confesses to her being pregnant.


Act III, Scene 1: "Duerme, mi dulce amor" (Amparo's lullaby)

When things seemingly can't get worse anymore, Amparo sings a lullaby full of tenderness to the baby in her womb, wishing him a glorious future.


Acto III, Scene 2: "¡Calla, hijo!" (Monologue by Amparo)

At the beginning of the last scene, Amparo – who is about to give birth – delivers a monologue full of both sadness and hope.

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