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Javier Ozores Marchesi

Count Prieghe

Born in La Coruña in 1942, he studied law at Deusto  and Santiago Universities.


As founder and manager of the film distribution and production company Los Films de El Buho, he commercialized more than 200 feature films both for cinema and TV, especially to mention the film series' by Akira Kurosawa and Eduard Neville. As associate producer he participated at several prizewinning feature films by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón (Demonios en el JardínLa mitad del cielo, La noche más hermosa, Malaventura) and Todo es silencio by Rodolfo Kuhn.

As executive producer, he produced Lareira – gastronomic series in 13 chapters for Galician Television, conducted by Javier Villaverde – , La Raya / A Raia – documentary in 12 chapters for Spanish Television – and the feature films El Tiempo de Neville and El Baile de las Animas, both conducted by Pedro Carvajal.


As book author, he published: Cocina Tradicional Gallega published by Editorial Everest; a book with short stories La Cena de los Videntes (Fernando Arenas Book Prize); the novel La Cabeza de la Medusa; the cookbooks 2 semanas y 3 días, 52 semanas y 3 días de fiesta, 52 semanas y un brunch and 52 días y un aperitivo. Published by Editorial EverestPiedra y Luz, with old legends of Galician castles and noble houses. His latest novel, El ruedo invisible has been published by Sial Pigmalión.

In 2020 he published La Cocina Popular Gallega, and he is awaiting the fist performance of his theater play El Reflejo. As opera librettist he wrote – in addition to La Tribuna – ­El Camino, based on taoist stories.


Furthermore, he is author of many gastronomic guidebooks and led many republications of traditional cookbooks, among them La Cocina Española Antigua and La Cocina Española Moderna by Emilia Pardo Bazán, published by the Galician Gastronomic Academy, of which he is founding member and at which he holds the vice-president chair (Countess Pardo Bazán chair).


He is member of the Academy of  Arts and Cinema Sciences and was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow medal by Rotary Club International, as well as the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes medal.

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