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The Tobacco Factory

"I really wish your project goes ahead...

I remember, as a child, when I returned from some trip with my parents, this characteristic smell of the tobacco factory, mixed with the smell of the ocean. Once I perceived it,I knew I was back home."

Sent by Alfredo F. S., Ferrol 

La Coruña’s former Tobacco Factory carries an immense historic and symbolic load. Symbol of the industrial revolution and the emerging working class in the 19th century, it bares both positive and negative connotations: Positive, because it allowed the poorer urban population to improve their economic situation and give them more social relevance, and negative, because workers were exploited and working conditions were very poor.


After two full centuries of activity, the Tobacco Factory shut down definitively in 2002, giving way to a complete restoration and being presently used as a court building.


For more information, see the following links (in Spanish):

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