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Thank you...

... to our collaborators!

We wouldn't be at the point we are, without the help of all of you, and many more friends and supporters who cannot be named here!

Our deepest gratitude to all of you!


City Mayor Inés Rey García – City Hall of A Coruña

We always feel strong support from Inés Rey and her cultural affairs department, which through the Consorcio para la promoción de la música is working on promoting La Tribuna.


Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia – General Manager Andrés Lacasa Nikiforov

It was the OSG that made Suite Sinfónica de La Tribuna sound for the first time, a premiere that through its huge success was essential for receiving further institutional support.


Josep Pons – Music Director of the Gran Teatre del Liceu en Barcelona

The first maestro to take on La Tribuna, conducting the OSG on the premiere of the Suite Sinfónica with a superb reading.

¡Thank you so much for believing in our project!


Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga – Music Director José María Moreno

Maestro José María Moreno was the first to take La Tribuna far from Galicia, with a masterful interpretation of four movements of the Suite Sinfónica, premiering one of them.

The orchestra and general manager Juan Carlos Ramírez gave all their support for this project, offering information talks and two vibrant shows.


Cristina Vázquez Zedda – Theatre and Opera Producer

Very well known in the theatre and music worlds, she joined our "team" in a completely selfless way, with all her energy and her knowledge of a lifetime in the business. 

¡A big hug!


José Luis Méndez Romeu – Former Cultural Affairs chair of La Coruña City Hall

He was one of the main founders of the Consorcio para la promoción de la música and its trademark Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia, holding the president chair during the years 1994-2004. Now, with his immense experience, he is counseling and supporting us.


Julio Tasende and José Luis Romero – Sociedad Filarmónica de La Coruña

The first two arias had just been premiered, in 2018 at the tobacco factory, when Julio Tasende came up to me suggesting to organize a recital with more excerpts. After long months of uncertainty due to the pandemic, it will be finally possible, thanks to the ongoing effort of the Sociedad Filarmónica, and the special implication of Pepe Romero. Thank you so much!

Terry W. Williams, PhD

For his web design consulting, his English texts, and always contributing his support and efforts to La Tribuna. A great friend across the ocean!

Miguel Zelada Jurado – Front page image of La Tribuna

During his lifelong career at the Banco Exterior da Coruña he dedicated his private life to his great passion of painting, earning himself an important position among the contemporary Galician painters, receiving many awards and being showcased in many expositions.

He designed the front page image of our printed publications of La Tribuna.


Xulia Santiso – Casa Museo Emilia Pardo Bazán

Thanks to Xulia Santiso, the Casa Museo Emilio Pardo Bazán patronized the public presentation of La Tribuna at the tobacco factory, on January 11, 2018.


In addition, they published an article on the opera in their online publication:

Cadernos de Estudo da Casa Museo Emilia Pardo Bazán


Marta Guimaraens and Carlos Deus – Océano Azul Comunicación

A leader in the congress and events sector, they give us their valuable assistance in the search for sponsors and supporters.

Thanks for believing in La Tribuna!


Manuel Arenas – Bookstore Librería Arenas A Coruña

One of the most emblematic bookstores of La Coruña, they published all our material: In 2017 score and libretto, and in 2020 the vocal and piano score.Thanks for joining our "adventure"!

Libería Arenas


Teresa Novoa (soprano) and Haruna Takebe (piano)

The first to performe some music of La Tribuna in the tobacco factory... What a privilege it was for us to have you!

Teresa Novoa

Haruna Takebe


Pablo Barreiro (RTVG) and Antonio Cid (RDC Producciones Audiovisuales)

What would have become of La Tribuna without the superb video and audio production of the Symphonic Suite!

Sound engineer and video producer, two artists in their fields, a luxury to have!

Antonio Cid on LinkedIn

Pablo Barreiro


Óscar Companioni – Photographer

An amazing photographer who empathizes and stands in total service to the shooting object. Faithfull collaborator of Javier Ozores for many years, he also contributed his skills to La Tribuna.

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