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A New Opera in 3 Acts by Gabriel Bussi

La Tribuna


Libretto by Javier Ozores

Based on the novel by Emilia Pardo Bazán

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Watch Suite Sinfonica

Premiere with the Orquesta Sinfónica de Galicia

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Back in 2012, Javier Ozores and Gabriel Bussi started an artistic partnership that would result in a singular work:


Singular, for being the biggest and most ambitious opera ever written on Galician ground, and one of very few in the Hispanic community.


Singular, for being a true opera of the 21st century that speaks a heartfelt musical language for a broad public and musicians, connecting to the true legacy of our rich opera heritage.


Singular, for being based on a singular piece of literature, which initiated a whole literary movement in Spain.


Singular, for depicting a true part of Spanish history.


Singular, for connecting historic topics with presently relevant social challenges, such as the emergence of a whole working class and the role of working women in society.

Now we are seeking for collaborators and supporters from public and social sectors to be able to premiere this opera. A premiere to promote Galician and Spanish opera in the music world.

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