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Actualizado: 7 oct 2020

We have a dream, a very big dream, hard to make come true: Premiering our opera La Tribuna. If a year ago things looked great for a probable 2021 premiere, with the recent global pandemic things look very difficult.

To get back on track and help promote this opera, we created this web page, and it is for everybody: conductors, stage directors, managers, sponsors…

… and especially of course: for you, dear music friends and supporters!

Have a look. We have a broad range of content, and we hope there is something interesting for everybody. In this blog we will occasionally post our news , as things happen. You can register to receive notifications when there is activity.

For any suggestion or comment, don’t hesitate to leave your comment here or contact us through the CONTACT form, and you can subscribe to our e-mail newsletter. The e-mails will be very occasional, because in this world things go slowly and take time. And of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

A big hug from Javier Ozores and Gabriel Bussi

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